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FM Group - tämä on nuori ja erittäin nopeasti kehittyvä suoramyyntiyhtiö(MLM).
FM Group:n valikoimassa voit löytää yli 150 mailmaanuuluisia tuoksuja. Mutta on myös kosmetiikka ja kotitaloustuotteita.
FM GROUP yritys alkoi ostaa vapaita tunnettujen brendien tuoksuja Drom konsernista (Saksa -, joka on yksi johtavista luonnollisen luokan "A" parfuumia maailmassa.
 Yli 80% yrityksistä, jotka toimivat hajuvesien markkinoilla, ovat sen asiakkaita.
Vain 6 vuoden kuluessa FM Group yrityksesta on tullut vahva, jaloillaan pysyvästi seisova konserni, joka ilmoitti avautumisesta konttoreista yli 50 maassa ympäri maailman.
Nuori yritys JUST alkoi Suomessa!
Aloita ansaitsemaan yhtenä ensimmäisistä, ja me autamme sinua kaikessa!
FM Group Englannissa:
Who We Are And What We Do

FM GROUP is a very fast growing company in the perfume market. It has been created by young people, which is why we are able to respond to needs and wishes of our customers and distributors quickly. We offer you large range of fragrances of all types: fresh, flowery, oriental, woody, fruity and many more.

Our primary goals are:

  • products always available at the best possible prices
  • total customer and distributor satisfaction
  • always being able to satisfy our customer’s requests

We would like our distributors to also become pioneers of our company by developing their Multi Level Marketing structures. We invite you to co-operate and become involved in creating the power of our company.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are delighted to offer you our products branded in the name of FM GROUP. The idea of creating exclusive cosmetic line was born during Artur’s Trawinski (chief executive officer of the FM GROUP POLAND) annual stay in Australia. After he had returned to Poland he decided to realize his idea. Looking for perfect products he got many propositions for collaboration from many different companies, however, he decided to co-operate with the company he knew well run by his father. His company has been producing perfumes for 10 years. Fragrance for the perfumes is created by the one of the biggest companies in the world with the 100 years tradition which is growing up very fast and has its bases in Europe, Australia, United States, China and Brazil.

Artur Trawinski considered many options of distributing his cosmetic products. Then he met specialists of Multi Level Marketing. Their experience and their knowledge of the business made Mr Artur Trawinski start distributing his products in MLM sale system.

During the first year of starting in Poland (September 2004) we were asked to open branches in other countries because of the very high interest. Now we have our representatives in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, United Kingdom, Germany, Serbia and Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, USA, Israel, Greece, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Lithuania and Nigeria.


We are ready to do everything to make you happy and pleased. We are not afraid of anything because we think that impossible can become possible. Our products are made for people of every age. With so many fragrances there is something for everyone. We offer you high quality products and many alternative fragrances, perfect in every way. They invigorate your senses, even those that are very demanding.

We sincerely hope that you decide to co-operate with us and we will do our best to guarantee our professionalism, reference and high quality of our offered products.


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